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November 6th

Voting today seems like such a simple, ordinary action; however, it has such an enormous impact on our country. Today, after voting I drove to Wildwood with my father and two of my children. It seems like such a simple action, yet after Hurricane Sandy we were lucky that our home in Wildwood was not damaged. My heart goes out to those who suffered damage or loss due to the storm.

On the surface, things often appear ordinary or lacking excitement. Life can change in an instant. Today was one of those days where it seems like not much happpened, but I am thankful for the simple pleasures in life.

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Hooked On Books

For those in Wildwood who still like to read books in the traditional fashion, stop by 3405 Pacific Avenue. Hooked On Books is the best bookstore on the island. The store has a wide selection of books and a friendly staff to help you pick out the perfect beach read while on vacation. I have been shopping here for more than 10 years and always enjoy picking up something to take my mind off the daily grind. Hooked On Books also has a wide selection of children’s books. Make sure to check the local free magazines in the area for coupons and specials. Put down your e-reader, support local and small businesses, and lose yourself in a good book this summer! Get Hooked On Books!

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Memories of Hunt’s Pier

For those who visit Wildwood today, Morey’s is the name associated with all the roller coasters, waterparks, and buckets of french fries. However, if you can remember entering Wildwood and passing Zaberer’s coming into town then you also remember Hunt’s Pier. If you are looking for summer beach reading, check out ‘Hunt’s Pier’ written by Rob Ascough and Al Alven. This wonderful book from Arcadia Publishing is filled with pages and pages of old photos of Hunt’s Pier from years past. My three kids have so much fun going on the rides each summer at Morey’s Pier. This book brought back so many fond memories of going up to the boardwalk with my brother Jeff when I was their age. Spending the summer in the Wildwoods creates lasting memories whether it is from eating Salt Water Taffy, getting a slice of pizza from Sam’s, visiting the arcade, or riding the Tramcar. If you are looking for something to read at the shore besides the Spout Off’s in the Cape May County Herald, then pick up this book and you will not be disappointed!

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Where Three Cities Meet

Walking down 26th Street behind the SuperFresh is a spot where Wildwood, West Wildwood, and North Wildwood meet. Each city has its own unique personality yet all are connected by a common element. I enjoy certain aspects of each town (and also Wildwood Crest although it only shares a border with Wildwood and Lower Twp.). This summer my family and I will have fun and create lasting memories in each town that make up The Wildwoods. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer and enjoy all that it has to offer. Make sure to set out and explore the Wildwoods.

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Wildwood 1943

Wildwood 1943

Everyone who visits the Wildwoods is gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend. Familes return each summer to visit Morey’s Pier, Gateway 26, the beaches, the surf, to see old friends and to create new memories. This is a photo of my father on Glenwood Avenue in Wildwood in 1943. We are all looking forward to another summer in Wildwood.

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Sam’s Pizza and Gateway 26 Tradition

The first place to stop in Wildwood is Sam’s Pizza on the boardwalk. It is a great place to sit and grab a delicious slice of pizza and a soda. Plus, it is right next to Gateway 26. If you have a few quarters to burn, this is the place to go. My kids love the crane games and always insist they are “so close to getting the stuffed animal.” Everyone has their tradition while visiting Wildwood. These are my favorite places to visit.

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“Should Lanterns Shine”

Wildwood Boardwalk

Most people take Labor Day as the unofficial last day of summer. The days grow shorter, the kids are heading back to school, the noise of the boardwalk grows quieter…

With all that being said, September and October are still wonderful times to visit Wildwood. It’s less crowded, most restaurants are still open, the weather is pleasant. Just because Labor Day has come and gone doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the sun and surf. Not to get too deep, but my favorite line from the Dylan Thomas poem “Should Lanterns Shine” is: The ball I threw while playing in the park/Has not yet reached the ground. I am not sure exactly what it means, however, I always recall that line as the summer draws to a close. Cheers!

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New Issue of Sun by the Sea.


The new issue of the Sun by the Sea is out. Editor/Publisher/Artist/ Dorothy Kulisek did another great job. Make sure to check it out! On page 60 is an old photo of my father on Glenwood Avenue from 1943. I took a photo of my son at the same spot this past summer. It may be the end of the summer, but September and October are also great months to visit the shore. Stay positive!

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A sip of wine is good for the soul

Hawk Haven

Hawk Haven Vineyard is a great place to visit right outside Wildwood. It’s located in Middle Twp. and just a stone’s throw from the Rio Grande Bridge. My wife and I went for a wine tasting. I am not a wine drinker- beer would be my beverage of choice. However, my wife wanted to go so I tagged along.

The person working at Hawk Haven presented the various wines and explained a little bit about each one. She was very friendly and down to earth. The wine tasting room was simple yet elegant. Afterwards we were given a sampling of cheeses, and my wife got a glass of wine. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and surroundings. If you are looking for something to do other than the beach and boardwalk, consider a visit to the Hawk Haven Vineyard!

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Visiting the Cape May County Park and Zoo

Cape May Zoo

The Cape May Zoo is a wonderful place to visit while down the Jersey shore. It is located right off of the Garden State Parkway and Rt. 9. The zoo has plenty of animals, picnic areas, playgrounds, and the only admission fee is a donation of your choosing.

When we visited this past weekend, I asked my four year old son what he liked best about the zoo. He replied, “my favorite thing was the animals.”

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